Town square

This project has been developed with the in-house landscape and architectural design expertise of Community Assets and Capital Works teams.
An exciting project with plenty of community interest and tight delivery timeframes, it should make a great addition to the range of community spaces already incorporated within Henderson Park.

Some of the key project milestones for this project include:

  • Site works and excavation - soil excavation and removal including trenching. These works have been ongoing and are looking to be complete by the end of August/early September.
  • Slab installation - concrete slab pour will happen in two stages (Stage 1 – café slab, stage 2 – main slab in garden areas). These works will take the project all the way through mid-October.
  • Installation of shade structure/awning – installation of the new awning located on the side of the café alongside the shade structures in the garden area over the new seating area. These are programed to be done once the concrete slabs are poured, with the café awning being complete first.
  • Landscaping - we have landscaping works including additional trees being planted in the garden area which are due to arrive by end of September.

Lemon Tree Passage Foreshore Shared Path

The works include:

  • Installation of a 2.5m wide concrete shared path through the foreshore reserve
  • Widening of an existing pedestrian bridge
  • Installation of a raised pedestrian crossing across the entry and exit lanes into the boat ramp at Henderson Park
  • Moving an existing rock pile to use as bank stabilisation, reducing further erosion of the foreshore
  • Installation of bench seats along the pathway

Amenities and Car Park

To view the project page for the proposed amenities click here