Project overview

In March 2024 we held a drop-in with local residents to work through the draft designs for the new amenities in Henderson Park. Following the feedback received we've adjusted the planned location of the new amenities. It will now be built closer to the children's playground and right next to the town centre precinct.

This new spot offers several advantages:

  • Improved safety: increased passive surveillance with more people using the area around the playground
  • Reduced impact: Less disruption for residents and users of the BBQ shelter
  • Convenience for families: Easier access for families with young children who need restrooms

Due to the location change, the boat ramp car park won't need any modifications made.

Construction timeline

The existing amenities will remain operational throughout construction. The new facilities are expected to be ready for use during the upcoming summer holidays 2024/2025.

Future of the existing amenities building

Following the opening of the new amenities, we'll be advertising an Expression of Interest for the use of the existing building, adhering to the Crown Land Management Act.