This project is about creating new places for people to gather and spend time on the way to William Street in Raymond Terrace to create a more vibrant town centre and support local businesses.

A key purpose of the William Street project is to provide a greater level of amenity, safety and service to pedestrians in our town centres, under the principal of traffic calming which uses physical design and other measures to purposely slow traffic down. As part of the works pedestrian crossing lighting is being installed and pavement marking is part of the scope for the Stage 2 works.

This project is one of many to come that aim to meet objectives of the Raymond Terrace Public Domain Plan, which is a 20-year vision for Raymond Terrace that prioritises people and focuses on connectivity, public spaces and place activation.

The Raymond Terrace Public Domain Plan (PDP) was informed by community feedback and ideas collected through the community engagement project phase conducted in early 2020 and key findings from the Liveability Index undertaken by Placescore in 2020.

Council sought specific engagement around the William Street, Streets as Shared Spaces project in June and July 2021 with businesses and key stakeholders including: business drop-in session, business walk around, online survey, Raymond Terrace Implementation Panel meeting, project webpage, newsletter to key stakeholders, social media and media releases.

Council will continue to look for opportunities to improve the streetscape, public spaces and pedestrian connectivity as per the Raymond Terrace Public Domain Plan.

William Street entry sign