Project overview

In March 2021 Port Stephens Council LGA was impacted by a ‘Declared Natural Disaster’.

One of the affected locations was the slope in Teramby Road, Nelson Bay. This site experienced a landslip during the event from the significant volume of water experienced during the storm resulting in the slope to collapse, and a substantial landslip occurred.

This location requires remediation due to the safety and risk concerns for people, property and the environment.

Project Scope

Site 1

  • Remediation of the landslip area by the installation of a retaining wall structure
  • Installation of stormwater drainage line to help control stormwater surface runoff
  • Construction of a 1.2m reinforced concrete pathway
  • Continuation of existing handrail at the top of the embankment

Site 2

  • Remediation of the landslip area (further down Teramby Road) to install another retaining wall
  • Drainage improvements to existing stormwater
  • Improve pedestrian safety with a new pathway alongside the cafe to the dive site
  • Upgrade access to dive entry and stairs including a dive preparation table
  • Installation of compliance signage for the area

Greg Brogan

Project Manager