Over recent months, we’ve been investigating short-term RV and caravan parking for Karuah.

The most recent community survey identified the Karuah Centre as the best option for the short-term RV and caravan parking area.

The most popular site is behind the Karuah Centre however this option was not supported by the Police due to the risk of theft and vandalism. The location shown above was the second most supported location. Through the survey, we heard from the community that this location works because:

  • It’s a short walk to the town centre and recreation facilities at Aliceton Reserve all via existing pathways.
  • The site is reasonably remote to nearby residents and noise impacts from campers should be minimal.
  • That it should be restricted to 48-hour RV parking only.
  • The location is adjacent to the wetland walk which is beneficial for tourists.

This location is flat with direct access off Tarean Road, adjacent to the Karuah Centre (which offers tourist information), arts and crafts and has minimal construction constraints.

The concept design (below) shows how this space is proposed to function and we’ll make sure to take into account traffic impacts, mobile library access, and the Karuah Centre operations. The dump point will remain at the Memorial Park location whilst the RV parking will be monitored by Council Rangers along with the cleanliness of the site.

These specific details will be further developed as the project progresses.

RV concept design