How will traffic be affected and why is the upgrade necessary?

The Intersection Upgrade at Medowie Road/Nelson Bay Road, Williamtown will cause some disruption and delays for the users of Williamtown and Medowie roads for 18 weeks from 10th Feb 2019, particularly to road users who access the RAAF base at Williamtown, however the future benefits of the upgrade such as increased safety for motorists and cyclists, improved traffic flow capacity and a reduction of future maintenance needs of the roundabout and the surrounding areas will greatly outweigh any negative short-term effects of the project.

What is being done to reduce effects of roadwork on traffic?

During construction:

  • Day and Night work.
  • Daylight construction period constrained at times to provide greater ease of access for RAAF personnel during peak periods.
  • Queueing of vehicles restricted to 250m to reduce delays.

What is being done to prevent contamination?

Due to construction taking place in the Williamtown contamination Red Zone the following environmental safety protective measures are being implemented.

  • Working closely with the NSW EPA to ensure appropriate management of any potential PFAS (per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) during the delivery of the project.
  • Safe work method statement framework (SWMS) used during intersection upgrade.
  • No spoil (excavated materials consisting of topsoil or subsoils that have been removed and temporarily stored during the construction activity unearthed during construction) to be left on site.
  • Spoil and excess concrete that is not reused onsite in construction will be taken offsite to a licensed removal and processing site.
  • All workers and site visitors must wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as required to handle contaminated materials and to prevent exposure to hazardous environmental elements.

Where is the work site compound located?

The site compound will be located off Slades Lane, near Williamtown Hall, during the duration of the product.

Who can I contact about this project?

General enquiries (Business hours, Mon – Fri): Sharon Bates: T 02 49 88 02 37

All media enquiries: Roads & Maritime Services (RMS).

Melissa Dial: T 02 4908 7533 |  E