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Do you have suggestions regarding projects for koala habitat improvements?

over 3 years ago
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  • IanR over 3 years ago
    Recently, folks from council came to talk at the Tilligerry habitat and said how difficult it was to both maintain the existing treescape and find places to plant the trees for koala corridors. How about promoting a call for people that live in areas inhabited by koalas that are willing to plant koala trees: either on their own property or, perhaps more importantly, keep a watching brief over trees that they would like planted in adjacent nature strips etc to where they live. Perhaps this might provide places almost immediately where koala trees can be situated and also help curb the vandalism of the treescapes in some residents selfish desire for water views etc. Council could then help the "tree custodians" by discussing with them and planting in these areas. Council might then have some idea that the trees would be looked after.
  • fen almost 3 years ago
    hi there just wondering what this new koala hospital at one mile means to all the land owners along the north facing ridge in anna bay that runs from the back of one mile does this mean that you just devalued there land and totally taken the rights for them to maybe develop the land in the future.looking forward if this is the case I see the land being purchased cheaply by greedy developers and then cut up into tiny housing lots which will not be good for all animals but in a positive light I think we should look at the opportunity to talk to the landowners and talk about maybe subdividing some of there land into 1 and 2 acre lots in which there must be a small amount of native trees planted on them lots for the animals so as to create a animal friendly area otherwise the greedy developers will just knock everything over take the fine on the chin and then build houses on small blocks without any trees