This survey is now closed, our consultants will review the data and use this information in identifying and assessing risk mitigation options. Thank you to those residents who took part in the survey.

The experiences and needs of the community are important for the success of managing flood risks. This questionnaire gives you an opportunity to make suggestions or note key problem areas where flooding is a risk. Any input the community has on management measures will be considered in determining the best overall management strategy.

Property Modification

These measures modify an existing property or ensure future development is compatible with the flood risk. Examples include voluntary purchase, development controls, house raising, and flood proofing. They do not control floodwater, rather they lower the impact of floods on development. Property modification measures are only effective in some areas

The suitability of a particular measure is dependent on its benefit to the area, the cost of the measure, its overall impacts, and a range of other factors

Response Modification

These measures increase the community’s ability to react to floods. The threat to human life is often greatest in an area that has little experience of flooding. Examples include flood warning, community education and readiness, flood response plans and the post-flood recovery.

The assessment will balance the community’s needs with the cost effectiveness and feasibility of each option, along with the requirements of the NSW Government’s Flood Prone Land Policy and the SES

Flood Modification

These measures alter the behaviour of floodwater. Examples include levees or seawalls around towns, mitigation dams, river channel alteration, sub-surface drainage, or retarding basins. Modifying an area’s hydrology can be more expensive than alternative options however they often provide a greater benefit to the community in mitigating the existing flood risk.

A series of draft recommendations as to how to manage flood risk will be made

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. If you have any additional information you would like to make available for the study or further comments, please email them to

We also have a community information session where you can chat with our community consultation specialist and Port Stephens Council staff between 5pm and 7pm on Wednesday 28 February at Salt Ash Community Hall to discuss the study and plan.